September 5

100WC-but what colour should it be?

I was going down to have a look at a dog and I really liked these dogs there breed was schnoodle which is a schnauzer cross poodle there were black ones and white ones and black and white spot ones. I went home and tried my hardest to convince my parents to get one of them and they agreed but I had to look after it and it was my responsibility. I went to the shop and I said to myself what colour should it be. I went into the shop and I liked the black one the most so I got it and called it Bennie.

August 26


I was running up some stairs in a weird pink river it was really cool because there is only one in the world and it is my backyard. I ran back home because I caught a fish that was pink. I cooked it for dinner with some chicken noodle soup and it tasted really nice it was like eating lollies. The next morning I had a footy grand final and it was the last quarter and there was 1 minute left of the game. I marked it and the siren went and our team was loosing by two points so I was really nervous bu I kicked the goal and my team won the grand final because I kicked the winning goal.

August 20


I was walking home from school and I saw this star wars fight.It was cool because there were light-savers and the characters were dogs. I went over and looked at it my dog was one of the characters and my friends dog was the the other character. Until I saw the film cameras and more people filming it I thought that it wasn’t a movie and it was just them trying to get attention. Five weeks later the movie came out in the cinemas and it was really cool and I was in it.

August 12

100WC why would I do that?

Bash Bang Bash as My brother tackled me through the wall and made a big hole. We went down stairs and got a poster and covered the hole. Mum and dad came up stairs and noticed there was a difference in the room and it was the poster so they took it down and saw the hole. Mum and Dad asked who did it and I said it wasn’t me why would I do that? So my brother got in a lot of trouble and got really angry at me and always hurt me and it wasn’t pleasant.

August 5


I was walking home from school when I noticed a bright rectangle. It looked like a portal but it not as circular as a portal and portals are not real. I wasn’t sure if I should walk through the thing. It looked like a magic door but it was hard to tell until I went to the other side and saw that it was a door. I walked through it but, I went straight through it. I felt the same but just a lot older, I had bigger muscles, I played A.F.L and was a millionaire.


Special prompt #2 (18)

July 25

100WC- ‘…so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…’

I was in my room doing nothing so my parents took me on a hike to a snowy mountain. We drove for about five hours and then we arrived, we went to our cabins that we stayed in for the night. I woke up in the morning and woke up my parents so we could go skying. We skied to the other side of the mountain so I looked over the edge, I saw the ocean and there were penguins with dolphins and the penguins were riding the waves on the dolphins and there was a competition for dolphin riding

June 19


Black= Summary

Green= Questions 

Red= Recall

Blue= Insight

This was about natural disasters such as bush fires, cyclones or floods ,With   some cameras, some special effects, and a team of experts they  put two families to the test. One family did a bush fire as a natural disaster and the other family did a cyclone. They’re wearing glasses to make things dark just like the smoke would in real life and in earphones they can hear the roar of the fire. Then there’s an alarm from inside. With their kitchen on fire the family head into the bathroom, again, not a great idea. In here they’re trapped with no way of knowing what’s going on in other parts of the house. The other family, now joined by Paul’s two daughters, have also bunkered down as the fake storm rages. Then water floods in. I learnt not to capture your self in a little part of your house because you do not know is happening in the other parts of your house. Why were hose family’s put to the test? Why did they go in the little areas of there house instead of evacuating? Why did they do those natural disasters? 

June 13

100 WC- however, she couldn’t believe what she had done

My sister and I were going to State cross country for under 11’s. We arrived at the destination and we went and waited until we were called for under 11’s. The girls went first and I watched my sister and she was doing well. The girls were about to finish and my sister needed to get in the top five and she came 5th. She was upset ,However She couldn’t believe what she had done. She was so proud she even made it to state. My race had started and I was coming first for the whole race and I came first so I went on to the next stage.

June 11






this was about The water restrictions and the drought in cape town South Africa. Authorities predict taps could be turned off by June 4, and they’re calling that Day Zero. Just the sight of rain is enough to get people here in Cape Town really excited. People in cape town only get 50 litres of water a day which isn’t much. If Day Zero does arrive many will have to go to collection points guarded by security forces ad will only be aloud 25 litres of water.  50 litres doesn’t actually get you much things done. For example dishes and laundry, 18 litres a day, a 90 second shower 15 litres, 1 toilet flush 9 litres, Washing your hands 3 litres, Cooking 2 litres, Drinking water 2 litres and 1 dog bowl 1 litre. That is  your 50 litres of water for the day. If it comes down to 25 litres of water per day it will be a lot harder to live because fifty litres isn’t much and can’t get you that far than 25 litres is way worse. How does the sky stop raining? Do droughts have to occur when it is hot?


June 6

100 WC- Bridge, sprinkled, pink,Daffodil and huge

I went to Africa to go on a wildlife tour to see the huge scenery. I saw this really cool pink flower that had these really cool sprinkles on it. I wondered what it was because I had never seen a flower that looked like that. I went onto my phone and searched up the flower. I found the flower on the internet and it was called a Daffodil which is a African flower. I came back to Melbourne and I went for a walk in the forest. I was walking and I saw the same flower as I did in Africa