May 23






This was about massive cracks appearing in a valley called Kenya leading some scientists to suggest it could be the start of Africa splitting in to two different places of the world. Scientists say that in about 50 million years it could be split into two different parts of the world. I learnt that at any time any part of the world can split into two different continents but it will take a couple of years to do. It can happen if there is really heavy rainfall , but that could mean that you could get flooded. If this happens the Somali tectonic plate and the Nubian tectonic plate will separate at a rate of 2.5 centimetres. The rip in the ground is several kilometres long and is 15 metres wide. The rip in the ground is in the town of Mai Mahiu and has teared some buildings and closed off highways. It created a gully that sucked in cars and some farmers land leaving them disappointed.  The bad thing is that if you friend lives on the other side of the crack then you would have to travel further. And in the future if your family or friends live on the other side of Africa then it would take a lot longer to get to them and you might have to catch an aeroplane but it could take a while to make a airport. If there is no airport than you won’t be able to see for family for a while. How does rain put a big whole in the ground making a country to spit in half? Is there any way it could be fixed or can it be fixed naturally?  How big while they separate if they do separate? If Africa splits then what would be under the split where the earth was?    

May 22



I was learning a new game in sport but I was not listening so I didn’t hear the instructions. We were playing the game and it looked like footy so I tackled the people with the ball and I had to sit out for the rest of the game. But I didn’t understand the instructions I told my sport teacher. I though that was unfair because I didn’t understand the instructions. I thought to myself it is my fault that I am sitting out because I didn’t listen to the sports teacher.

May 22

Webinar report

over $90000000 have been scammed from Australian citizens in 2017. Some scams target kids so they can convince there parents into buying or paying for something. Scans can come from your friends even if they are your friends. Never give your password to anyone because if you do in a couple of years they could hack into your computer or your other devices. If something pops up on your screen it could be real or it could be a scam so ask an adult to help you with it. If it is something that looks fake then get rid of it and don’t respond. If you get a friend request from someone that has the same name as your friend even if you think its your friend don’t accept it until you ask them if it is them.

May 17


Green= Summary 

Red= Questions

Black= Recall

Blue= Insight

This was about the Hawaiian volcano that erupted making the whole town flee there homes. Some people have to leave the country. There has been another volcano in Hawaii that is constantly erupting. This was also about a earthquake that nearly caused a tsunami. The residents in Hawaii are stranded with no food no homes and all they can do is run. There is also a earthquake which means they can’t fly out of the country. Luckily it didn’t case a tsunami. It is hard to run because of the ground shaking but they have to because there is lava coming there way. If they get hit by the lava they will die. But if they are far from safety it will be hard to survive without water or food when you are running that far. How are natural disasters made and why are they so bad? Why don’t they have special cars or something to help them get to safety?   

May 16


“whoo whoo” came a noise from the animals in the zoo.

“Roar Roar Roar” came a noise from the bear cage.

I had my flashlight on why I was walking through the zoo about to feed the lions. I was scared because I thought that they were going to eat me. I got the meat out and went into the lion enclosure and fed all six of the lions. I was scared and even more scared because it was night and I couldn’t see anything around me. I was walking to my car and there were glowing eyes around me.







May 13






This was about a tropical cyclone that hit Darwin battling bush fires.

The residents were warned that there was going to be a cyclone so they had to stay inside. The cyclone hit midday in Darwin. If there is a cyclone in your area you have to try and avoid it by staying inside or you could be badly injured. How are cyclones made? Why are cyclones dangerous? 


May 9

100 Word chalenge

It was my birthday and one month ago i entered a competition to win whatever you wanted so if you won you got anything you wanted. I was waiting for the results to see who won and I was hoping it was me. What you had to do was to run a 10 kilometres for $100 but it was to help charity s. It was not a rip off because if you won you could win a Lamborghini or any other thin and it could cost a lot of money. My mum gave me a certificate and I had won I asked my mum when did it arrive.

here is the link to the website:

May 3

BTN- Ring of fire





This was about natural disasters. One time there was an earthquake and the next day 10000 km away another one happened. They are not shore if its a coincidence or its the same one. In the last couple of years most of the earthquakes have hit between, Samoa and Sumatra so they called the area the ring of fire. If you live in the ring of fire it is more likely to have a natural disaster. Why does it normally hit between Samoa and Sumatra? Why did they name it the ring of fire?   

May 2

100WC- Shouted,Crimson,Misty,frantically and Grave

I was walking frantically to go to the graveyard so I could spend time with my family as they had been involved in a plane crash. I heard a really disturbing noise in the graveyard which was annoying because i couldn’t have peace and quiet. I couldn’t see where the thing was that was making the noise because it was really misty and foggy. I walked over to the noise and there was a crimson lady and her child and I shouted at them furiously. I then got accused of abuse so I got arrested and got let out many years later.

April 22

BTN Ball tampering





This was about Australian cricket team and when they tampered with the ball. When you tamper with the ball you create the ball to reverse swing which makes it harder to hit the ball. swing is when there is a rough side of a cricket ball and a smooth side which creates the ball to go the way the rough side is. But when its to rough it makes the ball to go the other way. I learnt that when you ball tamper you can get banned from cricket and fined a lot of money. the bad thing is that you can not play the game and you can be fined lots of money just because of a ball. Why do you get fined and banned? Why is it illegal